Dataflow Timeline

Within a Dataflow, you can view a timeline of recent processing activity by selecting the Dataflow Timeline icon in the header:


In the Dataflow Timeline view, you will see a split screen with the Dataflow graph at the top and a Gantt chart view at the bottom. Each row of the Gantt chart corresponds to a component of your Dataflow, and the corresponding bar in the Gantt chart indicates the interval of time during which the component was most recently executed:


You can click on the name of a component in the Gantt chart to select it and the graph view will recenter on the selected component so you can see it's relationship to upstream and downstream components. Similarly, you can select a component in the graph view to locate it in the Gantt chart.

You can control the display of the Dataflow Timeline using the buttons above the Gantt chart:

  • Time Range: Use a date/time tool to set an exact time range to display.
  • Show Full Range: Set the time range so that all components' activity is visible
  • Sort By: Select the algorithm used to order the components in the Gantt chart:
    • Start Time: Components are sorted in ascending order of the start time of the computation
    • Dependency: Components are sorted according to an algorithm which groups each component's upstream components together and lists them before the downstream component. This makes the dependencies between components more apparent.
  • Show Groups: If ON, grouped components will be listed together and can be rolled up into a single row. This can be useful when displaying large Dataflows.