In this doc, we will cover how to setup a Connection to MySQL.


  • Up and Running MySQL server.


If your MySQL server is in a private subnet or VPC and not accessible from the public internet. Please contact [email protected] to set up networking.

Creating new MySQL Read Connector

Figure 1Figure 1

Figure 1

Figure 2Figure 2

Figure 2

In Figure 2 above:

  • Connection Name (required): The name to identify this connection with, such as 'MySQL connection'.
  • Host (required): IP or the hostname of the MySQL server.
  • Port (optional): Host server port number.
  • Database Name (required): Name of the database.
  • Choose Credentials (required): Choose from existing credentials or create new credential for connecting to MySQL server if 'Required Credentials' checkbox is selected.
Figure 3Figure 3

Figure 3

In Figure 3 above, create new credentials if the Required Credentials checkbox was selected and you do not want to use an existing credential.

Figure 4Figure 4

Figure 4

In Figure 4 above, use TEST CONNECTION button to check whether credentials are correctly configured and If SUCCESS, click CREATE AND USE CONNECTION.

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