Write Connectors

After processing your data using a transform component, it is time to write out your results.

Let's create your first write connector!

Create a New Connection

From the Build Pane, select Write Connector.


Figure 1.

Click the + NEW CONNECTION button


Figure 2.

Select the connection type you would like to write your data results.


Figure 3.

Different connection types have different properties to specify.
The following is an example of the details that need to be provided while creating an Amazon S3 connection.


Creating a Write Connector requires a Connection that has the Access Type set to Write-Only or Read-Write.


Figure 4.

If credentials are required, select the Requires Credentials box and create a new credential.


Figure 5.

Create a Write Connector

After a connection is created, it could be reused anytime you would like to create a new write connector.

Select USE for the connection you want to use.


Figure 6.

Configure your Write Connector

Provide any required or optional configurations for the Write Connector.

Click on CREATE on the top right of the configuration plane after the required fields are filled.


Figure 7.


See individual Connection types to find each type's specifications.

Congratulation! You successfully created your first write connector!

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