06.01.2023 Release Notes

These are the release notes for June 1, 2023


  • Data Shares - Private Preview (Gen2 environments only):
    • Check out this YouTube demo video today!
    • Enable easy and secure sharing of data products across all supported Data Planes:
      • Key enabler of an Ascend for Data Mesh strategy.
      • Contact your Ascend representative to request early access!


  • Gen2 environments:
    • Data Quality checks now work for Read Connectors created using the "My Tables" feature in Snowflake, Databricks, and BigQuery data planes.
      • This enhancement adds to the existing support for Data Quality checks on regular Read Connectors and Transforms.
    • Databricks Data Plane
      • Add a connection timeout for Databricks SQL endpoint connections to prevent components from getting stuck in Running state. If the timeout expires, the component transitions to Error state.


  • All environments (Gen1/Gen2):
    • Prevent instances of Read Connectors getting stuck in the "Ready" state when the Read Connector refreshes before the previous ingest finishes.
    • Fix a UI bug that caused very large long integer values to be rounded when they could not be exactly represented as double-precision floating point values.
    • Fix an edge case where components incorrectly appear as "Waiting for Resources".
    • Restore the Observe menu button at the Dataflow level on the user interface (UI).
    • Improve handling for MySQL Write Connectors using the On Schema Mismatch "Skip Schema Check" setting when the destination is a very wide MySQL table.
      • This change helps to avoid the MySQL "Too many columns" error in this specific scenario.
  • Gen2 environments:
    • All Data Planes:
      • Fix a bug that caused "error looking up service account" in the Ascend Cluster manager.
      • Fix a bug that could cause the Data Share Connector UI to break when users lack the necessary permissions to access data shares in other data services.
    • BigQuery Data Plane:
      • Fix Common Table Expressions (CTE) aliasing for cases when input components have the same name.
    • Spark with Iceberg Data Plane:
      • Remove Runtime Settings in Spark SQL transform, as these settings have no effect.
    • Snowflake Data Plane:
      • Add a mechanism to help recover job processing in rare instances of a deadlock caused by Snowflake connections. This fix follows up on a similar issue addressed in the previous release, but pertains to a different type of lock.