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Tableau Integration

Posted by Jeff Feierfeil 8 months ago

Ascend Python SDK

Posted by Jeff Feierfeil 8 months ago

High Speed Bytes API

Posted by Jeff Feierfeil 8 months ago

The Bytes API is a high-speed byte-level API used for externally accessing data directly within Ascend via an S3 compatible interface.

Queryable Dataflows

Posted by Jeff Feierfeil 9 months ago

Combining the Interactivity of Warehouses with the Scale of Pipelines. Now in Ascend, all stages of all Dataflows are queryable without switching tools or disrupting your development process! Go here to learn more.

Dataflow Timeline

Posted by Ken Kubiak 9 months ago

You can now view a timeline showing when all components within a particular Dataflow were updated most recently, and how long it took to update them. Specifically, you'll be able to see how long a Dataflow took to come up to date, which components took the longest time, and which ones caused downstream updates to be blocked.

Job Statistics Dashboard

Posted by Ken Kubiak 10 months ago

Part of what makes Ascend so powerful is all the information the Dataflow Control Plane captures about the data, lineage, and job history. Now, Ascend makes that information available to you! Through the Job Statistics Dashboard, you get full visibility into the memory size, elapsed time, and read/write performance of individual jobs within your Dataflow, down to the partition-level.

New Connector Library

Posted by Ken Kubiak 10 months ago

Ascend is designed to seamlessly connect to any data, across any system. The Connector Library now gives you a simple, visual way to select from a list of commonly used Connectors so you can start building Dataflows faster. In addition, many of these Connectors are built with pre-defined attribute settings to make configuring them even easier. Don’t see what you’re looking for? As always, building custom Connectors takes just a few lines of code.