06.08.2023 Release Notes

These are the release notes for June 8, 2023


  • Data Shares - still available in Private Preview (Gen2 environments only)
    • Contact your Ascend representative to request early access!


  • Write Connector schema customization
    • You can now customize (and override) the column data types Ascend uses for the destination table managed by Ascend, using your destination platform's native data type definitions.
      • This is currently supported for Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Snowflake Write Connectors, with BigQuery coming soon!
  • User-configurable SSH Gateways are now available in the Site Admin section on Ascend Cloud for Enterprise Tier customers.
  • Customers on Ascend Cloud Team and Enterprise tiers now have access to our awesome billing usage observability features!


  • Docker container image caching for Ascend Clusters - internal platform optimization that reduces infrastructure costs for customer-hosted environments.
    • Up to 50% reduction in ingress network traffic related to container image pulls.
    • Cluster pods spin up faster when pulling container images from cache.
  • Gen2 environments
    • All Data Planes
      • Enhance Ascend Cluster management by introducing usage-specific cluster pools for each Data Service, enabling separate clusters for Read Connector and/or Interactive workloads. This addresses a request from customers to be able to distribute work within a data service on different Ascend Clusters, particularly for performance sensitive cases.
    • Snowflake, Databricks and BigQuery Data Planes
      • Improve the component card in the UI to differentiate between non-materialized Read Connectors (a.k.a. "My Tables") and materialized Read Connectors.
        • You might notice this as "Source -> Dataplane" on Read Connectors, and it should help clarify the ingestion path!


  • Fix an issue where attempting to create a Data Feed Connector resulted in an "OOPS" error message: 'TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'data_service_type')'.
  • Gen2 environments
    • All Data Planes
      • Fix a bug for another case identified where Ascend Clusters failed to start when a service account was missing.
      • Fix a bug in Data Shares that may cause the wrong Data Plane icon to appear on the Connect to Data Share page if the Data service contains old Data Feeds.
      • Change the behavior of the "find-as-you-type" feature in the main Ascend Dashboard (which appears when you click a bar in the graph), so that it also filters by Dataflow.
      • Fix a problem where weekly refresh schedules on Read Connectors could not be configured when default values were used, which caused the pop-up error message "invalid google.protobuf.Duration value 'NaNs'".
      • Increase GRPC keepalive timeout for internal platform GRPC connections that would fail occassionally resulting in the user seeing an InactiveRpcError with error details "keepalive watchdog timeout" in the UI.
    • Snowflake Data Plane
      • Fix bug where Snowflake roles were not being displayed properly in the onboarding setup wizard.
    • BigQuery Data Plane
      • Improve tracking of usage metrics that impacted Job Usage observability dashboards.