08.30.2023 Release Notes

These are the release notes for August 30, 2023.


  • All environments (Gen1/Gen2)
    • Notifications for Warnings ⚠️
      • You asked for the ability to send Notifications when a warning is triggered in a Dataflow - you got it!
      • When you configure notifications on Warning (at the Data Service level), the notifications will be sent in two cases:
        • If a component encounters an error and retries, the retry will be considered a warning and will be sent as a notification; and,
        • If a warning is triggered due to a Data Quality (DQ) check, the warning will be sent as a notification.
  • Gen2 environments
    • All Data Planes
      • We recently added support for Custom Docker Images for Ascend Clusters in Gen2 environments. Now, we've made Spark Runtime version a required field in Cluster Pool Management to ensure it is always obvious which version is being used for the Ascend Clusters in that pool.


  • All environments (Gen1/Gen2)
    • Fix a case in which Read Connector database connections were not closed until process exit.
    • Fix an issue causing API instability by improving the performance of a backend cleanup process.
      • Some customers saw this as 502 and/or 503 errors while trying to connect to Ascend using the Ascend SDK.
  • Gen2 environments
    • All Data Planes
      • Fix bug causing potential missing data in initial backfill of relational database Read Connectors that use the incremental ingest strategy.
        • This bug occurred when timestamp values had leading zeros for fractional seconds.
      • Fix an issue with background Data Plane usage collection.
      • Fix bug that could cause the component "Sweeping" phase to run twice.
  • Ascend Cloud
    • Fix an issue affecting users trying to sign up for Ascend using the Databricks Data Plane.
      • The issue blocked the ability to continue the onboarding wizard due to Databricks connection timeout.