12.15.2022 Release Notes

These are the release notes Dec 15, 2022.

:rocket: FEATURES :rocket:

  • New Observe feature - Flow Lineage: Sankey diagram to visualize lineage within and across Dataflows. More details to follow !
  • New object aggregation strategy that reshapes object listings based on object metadata, such as last modified time or regex patterns - resulting in improved performance when refreshing a Read Connector.

:sparkles: ENHANCEMENTS :sparkles:

  • Support for native date type columns in the Salesforce Read Connector.
  • Support writing to BigQuery tables using the BigQuery Write API instead of using an intermediate staging GCS bucket.

:wrench: BUGFIXES :wrench:

  • Fix an edge case in the Snowflake data plane that resulted in tables being dropped when cleanup strategy is an empty string.
  • Fix a bug in the BigQuery data plane that causes clusters in the default Spark cluster pool to be periodically deleted, causing delays in processing or task failures.
  • Fix a regression in performance when previewing component records in Snowflake or BigQuery data plane environments. This manifests as a timeout on the UI, or Internal server error.