2.10.2022 Release Notes

Here are the release notes for February 10, 2022.

:sparkles: ENHANCEMENTS:sparkles:

  • Execute On-Demand GC Iteratively (where Ascend deletes the metadata to ensure correct re-writing) for legacy Write Connectors to prevent some cases causing long planning stalls
  • Support SSL support for Clickhouse Connection
  • Support UUID and array type in Clickhouse Connection

:wrench: BUGFIXES :wrench:

  • Fix cases where the same credential name scoped to in different Data Services error-ed on name not unique
  • Fix Azure Connection when service principal credentials are used
  • Fix Date/Timestamp-based parallel or incremental replication for Oracle Read Connections
  • Respect SSL parameter consistently in MySQL connection, enforcing TLSv1.2+ between testing connection and ingesting data
  • Fix case where DynamoDB Read Connectors did not re-ingest the upstream data set
  • Fix rendering of dates in record preview (format as date instead of timestamp)