3.31.2022 Release Notes

Here are the release notes for March 31, 2022.

:sparkles: ENHANCEMENTS:sparkles:

  • For Read Connectors and Write Connectors, use Spark 3.2.0 as the default Spark runtime version
  • Add the EXTERNAL_TABLE table type for Glue tables
  • Delta Lake write connector: For single-partition write connectors we will now use an optimized fast path to replace the partition in a transaction.

:wrench: BUGFIXES:wrench:

  • Delta Lake read connector: Fix issue where sub-directories cannot be listed in the asset browser
  • Fix UI bug for partition tab refresh where reloads would cause unstable reordering of partitions
  • Fix bug that caused reprocessing of de-duplicated components when one of the de-duplicated components was deleted.
  • Improve handling of pre/post-write SQL for cases where there is no returned data to consume by gracefully handling the read exception.
  • Fix Snowflake data plane error marshal called with nil