04.09.2024 Release Notes

These are the release notes for April 9, 2024.


  • Gen2 environments
    • We are pleased to announce the limited and gated release of a new version of our Ascend Cluster Manager!
      • This enhancement aims to improve the effectiveness of the Ascend Cluster Manager service - a backend service that manages and monitors Ascend Cluster Pools and tasks behind the scenes in Gen2.
      • The improved Ascend Cluster Manager is now available upon request through our support team:
        • This enhancement has already been enabled for all customers who have previously requested it.
        • If you are unaware or would like this activated for your Ascend environment, please contact our support team.
      • Activating this enhancement also enables the new Cluster Pool Status user interface:
        • Users can now view cluster pool statuses and access the Spark UI page by clicking the RUNNING status from the CLUSTER button on the left menu bar.


  • All environments (Gen1/Gen2)
    • Prevent an edge case that causes components to get stuck in ready state when running deep component graphs.
    • Change the fingerprint behavior of System Usage Connectors, modified after a certain date, to prevent reprocessing when the associated Blob store storage class changes.
    • Fix the issue where queries do not appear in the history in Query Panel while the Ascend Cluster is starting up.
    • Fix a bug that caused an "Oops" error in the UI when creating a Transform from the Build Panel.
    • Add default settings for the Microsoft Ads credential OAuth2 fields, which were omitted accidentally.
    • Ensure the Filter Expression functions correctly on all CData-powered Read Connectors.
    • Resolve an issue where a Postgres Read Connector configured for multi-table ingest incorrectly loads all data into memory, causing an Out-of-Memory (OOM) exception.
  • Gen2 environments
    • Fix the issue where users without site admin privileges cannot see the list of Ascend Cluster pools in Query Panel and/or Data Service configuration.
  • Gen1 environments
    • Fix failures in the Query Panel (Queryable Data Flows) by truncating extremely long error messages before logging them to the internal system database.