12.21.2023 Release Notes

These are the release notes for December 21, 2023

πŸš€ NEWS πŸš€

  • Coming Soon:
    • Improved OAuth2 credential workflow user experience, focused specifically on "Authorization Code Grant" workflows.
    • Pre-defined Ascend Cluster Pool sizes - currently under active development, with a focus on testing and documentation.
    • Both features will be released after the holiday season, so stay tuned!
      • We'll see you in 2024!


  • New version of our Hubspot Read Connector in Private Preview:
    • Our previous implementation that returned raw JSON record data is now deprecated.
    • The new implementation is expected to offer significantly improved functionality for customers.
    • If interested, please contact Ascend Support to have this feature enabled for your environment.


  • Gen2 environments
    • We introduced a new "Default Run Mode" option to the Component Settings in the Data Plane Configuration (for a Data Service) that you can use to choose if you want your components to start "Paused" or "Running" after they are newly created.
      • Introduced due to popular demand, this feature allows you greater control over a fundamental behavior of Ascend.
      • If you set this to initialize components in the "Paused" state when they are newly created, they will no longer immediately start running automatically!
  • All environments (Gen1/Gen2)
    • Add a column to the Connections and Credentials Admin views (in both Site Admin and Data Services) that displays the Data Service(s) which have access to those objects.
      • This assists in distinguishing between Connections/Credentials with identical names, such as when creating Connections with the same name (pointing at different source systems) across "dev", "stage" or "prod" Data Services.
    • Connection settings are now divided into Basic and Advanced Settings sections.
      • Advanced Settings are now grouped under an "Advanced Settings" collapsible section.
      • Typical Advanced Settings for connections include things such as the Concurrent Jobs Limit or the custom Connection Properties (key/value pairs for JDBC-based read connectors), for example.
    • When deleting a Data Service, you can now choose whether to delete associated Connections/Credentials as well if those objects are associated with the current Data Service only (shared Connections/Credentials cannot be cleaned up in this manner).
    • Add the ability to see the "Last Processed" date/time in the Component UI.
    • Add Close button on Query window in the Dataflow view.


  • Ascend Cloud
    • Resolve an intermittent issue causing slow Ascend cluster startups due to network policy.
  • Gen2 environments
    • Remove timeout during task processing to prevent task failures like "timeout on waiting for spark cluster" due to slow-starting spark cluster.
    • Fix a bug where components get stuck when there are lots of running tasks.
    • Spark with Iceberg Dataplane
      • Fix an issue where renaming a component resulted in a "table already exists" error.
  • All environments (Gen1/Gen2)
    • Fix an issue in our SFTP Read Connector where updated files were not being ingested when they changed on the source system.
    • Fix an issue with column autocompletion when querying a Data Share component or creating a Transformation downstream of a Data Share component.
    • Address a "deadline exceeded" exception that caused BigQuery Write Connectors to time out when attempting to insert data into BigQuery.


  • Hubspot - "Old Version"
    • This version (which returned raw JSON records from the Hubspot API) is deprecated and will soon be retired, in favor of the upcoming "New Version" implementation mentioned in the PREVIEWS section above.