Ascend Connections

Ascend Connections are reusable links to data stores, enabling read and/or write operations depending on the store and the set permissions.

An Ascend Connection is a way to connect to a data store and reuse the same connection to read and/or write from. For example, a Connection can be made to a Postgres Database and developers can then use that same connection to ingest several tables through Read Connectors or write tables into the Postgres Database as Write Connectors.

A connection can be set to Read Only, Write Only, or Read and Write to determine what the connection's capabilities are. Note that depending on what data store is being used, both read and write capabilities may not be available inside of Ascend. For specific details on which data stores are supported and the configuration required, please refer to each individual connection's documentation page.


Ascend Connections by Type

Ascend offers a variety of connection types to suit different data stores, each with its unique configuration and capabilities. For more specific details and instructions on each connection type, please refer to the respective documentation for each Connection provided.