IBM DB2 on iSeries/AS400

The IBM DB2 Connection is available for databases on iSeries/AS400, which is discussed on this IBM Knowledge Center page.


  • DB2 running on iSeries/AS400 mainframe (min version tested v7.4)
  • Network connectivity
  • Hostname or IP address
  • Port Number (SSL or non-SSL)
  • Database name
  • Database access credentials

Connection Properties

The following table describes the fields available when creating a new IBM DB2 Connection. Create a connection using the information below and these step-by-step instructions.

Access TypeRequiredThe type of connection for DB2 on AS400 is Read-Only.
HostRequiredIP or the hostname of the DB2 server.
PortOptionalHost server port number. The default port number for DB2 on iSeries/AS400 is 8471 (non-SSL) or port 9471 (SSL). Reference: IBM Toolbox for Java.
Database NameRequiredThe database name you are connecting to.
Custom Connection PropertiesOptionalProperties specified when connecting to DB2. See Properties for DB2 on AS400 using JDBC below for Ascend specific formatting.
Requires CredentialsOptionalChoose from existing credentials or create new credential for connecting to DB2 Database on AS400 if 'Requires Credentials' checkbox is selected.

Custom Connection Properties

Ascend utilizes JDBC to connect to IBM DB2 on iSeries/AS400 which allows for many property specifications. The names of keys and values can be found in the IBM Toolbox for Java JDBC properties documentation.

Ascend specific formatting

To specify properties in Ascend, do not use quotations. Present each property as newline-delimited key=value pairs (see Figure 3 below for an example).


Figure 1.

Credential Properties

The following table describes the fields available when creating a new IBM DB2 credential.

Credential NameRequiredThe name to identify this credential with. This credential will be available as a selection for future use.
Credential TypeRequiredThis field will automatically populate with DB2 on AS400.
UserRequiredThe DB2 username to connect with.
PasswordRequiredThe DB2 password to connect with.

Read Connector Properties

The following table describes the fields available when creating a new IBM DB2 Read Connector.

NameRequiredProvide a name for your connector. We recommend using lowercase with underscores in place of spaces.
DescriptionOptionalDescribes the connector. We recommend providing a description if you are ingesting information from the same source twice, for different reasons.
Table NameRequiredName of the table being ingested. This can either be supplied manually or selected in Step 2.
Schema NameOptionalIf using a specific schema configuration, provide a name.