Ascend's Minimap tool offers efficient navigation and interaction with large Dataflows in the UI, featuring options for workspace centering, zooming, and closing the Minimap.

The Minimap is a tool to efficiently navigate the Dataflow in the UI. This tool is especially useful when working with a Dataflow that has a large number of Components.
To expand the Minimap click on the expanding icon in the bottom left corner of the working panel as shown in the below.

**Minimap** Icon Location

Minimap Icon Location

You can navigate through the workspace by clicking in any space of the Minimap.
In the Figure 2 below, on the left side of the Minimap there are 4 buttons to interact with the workspace (from top to bottom):

  • Center the workspace;
  • Zoom in;
  • Zoom out;
  • Close the minimap.
Expanded **Minimap**

Expanded Minimap