Create a Python Connection

Before creating a new Python Read Connector, first create a new Python Connection.

Step 1: Create a new connection.

  • From the Build pane, select Read Connector
  • Next, select + New Connection.
  • Select Python from the Custom category.

Step 2: Configure your Connection.

  • Complete the required configurations for your new connection.
  • Define any shared custom Python for Python Read Connectors that are created with this connection to access.
  • indicate additional PIP packages to install with this connection. PIP packages should be space delimited. Ex. requests python-dateutil.

Step 3: Create new credentials.

  • If the Requires Credentials checkbox is marked, select an existing Python credential or create a new one.
  • In Custom Credentials, insert your credentials. Credentials can be in any format (JSON formatted text, key/value pair, etc.) as long as the Python code provided in Step 2 contains the necessary functions to parse the content within the credential.

Step 4: Test and launch your Connection.

  • Select the TEST CONNECTION button to check whether the Python connection can be parsed with the supplied code and credentials.
  • If a green check appears with ALL PASS, select CREATE.

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