Internally Deployed Buckets

Breakdown of the Ascend internal Blob Bucket/Containers

An Ascend deployment creates the following blob buckets/containers (depending on cloud provider nomenclature):

Bucket NameDescription
{env-id}-tmpStores intermediate staging data
{env-id}-sample-dataReserved, not used
{env-id}-queryStores metadata used by the Ascend query service
{env-id}-record-fragmentsStores the records used by components
{env-id}-byte-fragmentsStores binary backups for legacy Read Connectors
{env-id}-notebookStores Jupyter notebooks (for early access Jupyter notebook deployments)
{env-id}-metadata-fragmentsStores data plane fragments metadata used by the Ascend scheduler service
{env-id}-eventlogStores Spark history logs for Spark history server
{env-id}-defaultStores metadata, serves as a staging area for Ascend Read/Write Connectors, and the default bucket for blob store requirements
{env-id}-logsStores internal logs