Building Dataflows

Use the workspace as a handy place to keep some components ready for easy reference while building out your dataflow. It's located on the far left middle part of the screen.


Adding a Component to the Workspace

To add a component to workspace as a Pinned , find and click the _Star icon on the top right corner of a component card, or on top of component detail panel and make

Operating the Workspace

By default, the workspace is usually folded. Clicking on it will expand it to full view. Within it you will find the components you have previously starred allowing you view records and other information.




Components stored in the workspace are preserved even after browser refreshes and restarts. To remove them from workspace, simply click the X in the workspace for that component.

Toggle record view for components

When building transforms, it is helpful to see other component's schema and records. On the top of the workspace, you can toggle between Info and Records view.

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