Building Dataflows

Build panel

Use the BUILD panel to create and manage components in the workspace. It's located on the far left side of the screen in the navigation bar.

In the CREATE section you can see all the available types of components you can build with in the workspace, and you can check all the components you have already built in the Browse section.


Adding a Component to the Workspace

To add a component to the workspace, just select the corresponding component icon in the Build->Create panel and then follow the prompt to finish setting up component.

Read/Write Connector

To create a new Read or Write Connector, select the Read/Write Connector icon, then select USE to find the data source you want to use. Select CREATE in the top right corner to add the component to the workspace.

You can also select + ADD CONNECTION to create a new connection to your data sources. You can find more details on different connections, see Connections Overview.

Create a Transformation

Select the desired type of transformation in the TRANSFORM section in the build panel, then fill in the details needed, and finally hit CREATE on the top right corner.

You can also add a Transform directly down-stream of a component. First, select the vertical ellipsis on the upper right-hand corner of upstream components and then select Create new Transform.


You can find more details in our Transforms documentation.

Remove components

To remove components, select the vertical ellipsis on the corresponding component and select Delete 1 component.