JDBC / ODBC Connection

Ascend exposes an interface compatible with standard JDBC and ODBC to query data in any Component in a Dataflow. Unlike Ascend's File-Based Access which exposes bulk retrieval of all records in a component, this interface allows users to run a SQL query, which is evaluated in Ascend, and retrieve particular the results of that query.

This interface is most often used with BI Tools, like Looker and Tableau, or when access to a particular slice of a Component's records is desired.

Connection Details

Ascend performs a mapping where each Data Service + Dataflow is available as a 'schema' and each Component is a 'table'. The mapping uses each entity's ID.

The SQL syntax is standard Spark SQL.

Depending on the Service Account's permission, Read Only will allow access to all components while Data Feed Read Only will only map Data Feeds.



Host name





Must be Enabled

Username / Password

The Username + Password from an API Token tied to a Service Account

JDBC / ODBC Protocol

Spark SQL (if driver is present), if not Hive 2.3.7 is compatible

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JDBC / ODBC Connection

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