Azure Active Directory (AD) Integration

Ascend can integrate with Azure Active Directory (AD) for SSO authentication purposes. In order to configure the Azure AD SSO, please go through the following steps:

  1. Collect the Tenant ID for the Azure AD.
  2. In Azure AD, select "New Registration", name the registration.
  3. In the registration, go to "Authentication" and add a Web Redirect UI with a value of: https://<your ascend subdomain>
  1. Select Certificates and Secrets and select "New client secret" to create a new Client Secret for this registered app.
  2. Ensure that the secret is created with a maximum expiration time.
  1. Encrypt your Client ID, Client Secret, and Tenant ID here and send the encrypted blob to [email protected].

After this is set up, your users will be able to authenticate into Ascend through Azure AD SSO.

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