Object Access and Visibility

This section introduces the relationship between various Ascend objects, their access permissions and visibility across different Data Services, Teams, and Dataflows

Ascend Objects and Their Relationship

Data Service is the highest level object in the Ascend hierarchy. A Data Service contains Teams, Users, Dataflows, etc. Each Team can have multiple Users and each User can belong to multiple Teams. A Dataflow can only contain one graph.

Access and Visibility

User access to Dataflows and Data Feeds is controlled within a Data Service as well as across Data Services.

Across Data Services

Data Services present a hard boundary within the Ascend Platform. Objects in different Data Services are not shared, except for Data Feeds. Data Feed creators can choose to allow data access across Data Services via permission settings. For example, if you're building pipelines with sensitive/protected data, you can have a separate Data Service for Teams with specific permissions. If needed, data outputs from your pipelines can still be published as a Data Feed and made available to other Data Services.

Within an Data Service

Within a Data Service, the User Manager(s) can grant and revoke user access to Dataflows vi Permission Settings. Data Feed access can similarly be limited to specific Team(s) within an Data Service via Data Feed connectors