Google BigQuery Data Plane



Submit an environment request before continuing

Before creating a BigQuery data plane, submit an environment request indicating which data plane you would like enabled. Chat with us through Intercom within Ascend, or contact support by emailing [email protected]. Once your data plane is enabled, you'll receive confirmation your data plane is ready for set up.


In order to set up an Ascend BigQuery environment the following is required:

  • A BigQuery account (a free account can be made at
  • A new or existing project within the BigQuery account
  • A new or existing dataset within the project
  • projectIamAdmin role enabled for the project

Once these are completed, you can connect to your BigQuery Data Plane within Ascend.

Step 1: Configure shell variables

Before creating the GBQ datasets, configure your shell environment with the appropriate settings.

export SA_ID=bigquery
export PROJECT=mt-ascend-io-test

Step 2: Create a service account within BigQuery

Create and configure a service account within BigQuery. Ascend will need Storage Admin and BigQuery Admin access on the project currently being used.

The following code can be used to do so:

gcloud iam service-accounts --project $PROJECT create $SA_ID
gcloud projects add-iam-policy-binding $PROJECT --member="serviceAccount:$SA_ID@$" --role="roles/storage.admin"
gcloud projects add-iam-policy-binding $PROJECT --member="serviceAccount:$SA_ID@$" --role="roles/bigquery.admin"

Step 3: Registering a BigQuery Data plane in Ascend

Create a BigQuery Connection

  • Once you login, go into Admin Settings >> Connection Management.
  • Create a new BigQuery connection. The connection must have an ACCESS TYPE of Read–Write and allow access from the Data Services you want to use the connection for. You should have at least one Data Service present.

Configure the Data Plane to use the BigQuery Connection

  • From settings of the Data Service of interest, click Data Plane Configuration.
  • Pick the connection you have just created from the dropdown. You may leave the rest of the fields blank unless you wish to override fields from your connection.