In this doc, we will cover how to setup a Connection to an Cockroach DB.


  • Cockroach database credentials
    • username
    • password
    • host
    • port
    • database

Create new CockroachDB connection


Figure 1


Figure 2

In Figure 2 above:

  • Access Type: The type of connection: Read-Only, Write-Only, Read-Write.
  • Connection Name (required): The name to identify this connection with, such as CockroachDB Connection.
  • Host (required): IP or the hostname of the CrockroachDB Server.
  • Port (optional): Host server port number.
  • Database Name (required): Name of the database.
  • Custom Connection Properties (optional): in this field is possible to add connection properties (ex. key=value, one pair per line).
  • Choose Credentials (Optional): Choose from existing credentials or create new credential for connecting to CockroachDB if 'Required Credentials' checkbox is selected.

Figure 3

In Figure 3 above, create new credentials if the Required Credentials checkbox was selected and you do not want to use an existing credential.

  • Credential Name (required): The name to identify this credential with.
  • Credential Type (required): Automatically selected to be CockroachDB.
  • User (required): username used to access the database.
  • password (optional): username password to access the database.

Check out our blog post to learn more about credentials in Ascend.

Testing and Creating the Connection

Use TEST CONNECTION button to check whether credentials are correctly configured and If ALL PASS, click CREATE.


Figure 4