Automate data pipelines with's Dataflows through an intuitive Dashboard interface.

A Dataflow is a continuously running data pipeline. You create a Dataflow with a combination of declarative Components to ingest, transform, and output data to an end location. The Dataflow you design is a blueprint that is sent to the Ascend Dataflow Control Plane to be automated.

Creating a Dataflow

  1. On the Dashboard, navigate to the Data Service where you want to create your Dataflow, and select the New Dataflow button in the top right of the section.
  1. This will bring up a panel where you give a name to this new Dataflow (required). You can also enter more details to describe your Dataflow (optional).
  1. Click the Create button and a new Dataflow is generated in Ascend!

Advanced Dataflow Topics

Once you've set up your initial Dataflow(s), we suggest coming back here to explore some advanced Dataflow topics, such as:

  • Importing & Exporting: Making the most of Ascend's declarative model for rapid branching & merging of Dataflow definitions.
  • Workspace: Using the Dataflow Workspace to navigate & explore other components while editing.
  • Performance Tuning: Take advantage of Ascend's Profiling & Statistics that analyzes every piece of data, and visualize performance in the Dataflow Timeline.