Getting Started

Ascend facilitates optimized pipelines with less code. Set up your cloud account to explore tutorials to get started.

What is Ascend?

Ascend is the world’s first Autonomous Dataflow Service where you can build, scale, and operate continuously optimized pipelines with less code and fewer breakages.

Powered by Ascend’s Dataflow Control Plane, the platform combines declarative configurations and automation to manage cloud infrastructure, optimize pipelines, and eliminate maintenance across the entire data lifecycle.

Get Started

Before diving in, you'll need to set up your Ascend Cloud Account. From there, you can opt to create a pre-configured pipeline, or start with a blank canvas.

Onboarding Videos

Check out our collection of helpful Onboarding Videos, which guide you through common functions of the platform to help you learn while getting started!

Quickstart Guides

The Quickstart Guides are step-by-step tutorials designed to help you explore the capabilities of Ascend using publicly available data.

Getting Help

We welcome your feedback as we develop new features. Visit to get in touch with a support agent.