Introducing the Unified Data Engineering Platform

Welcome to Ascend

Ascend developed the world’s first Autonomous Dataflow Service, where you can build, scale, and operate continuously optimized, Apache Spark-based pipelines, with less code and fewer breakages.

Powered by Ascend’s Dataflow Control Plane, you combine declarative configurations and automation to manage cloud infrastructure, optimize pipelines, and eliminate maintenance across the entire data lifecycle.

Getting Started

Create a Sample Dataflow

To start working in Ascend, we suggest you begin with an introductory tutorial where you will go through the steps of creating a new dataflow and sample components.

Explainer Videos

Check out our explainer videos for more in-depth technical and how-to information.

Getting Help

We are happy to hear your feedback as we are rapidly building more content. Please chat with us through Intercom in the product, or file a support ticket by emailing [email protected].

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