Delta Lake


  • Object Storage and Cloud provider credentials (e.g: S3 and AWS)
  • Table name (Stored in S3 or Azure)

Create new Delta Lake connection

Figure 1Figure 1

Figure 1

Figure 2Figure 2

Figure 2

  • Access Type : The type of connection: Read-Only, Write-Only, Read-Write.
  • Connection Name: The name to identify this connection with, such as connection_delta_lake.
  • Storage System: The cloud object storage where Delta Lakes stores its tables. e.g Amazon S3
    • Bucket: the name of the bucket used to store the data e.g: test-bucket-delta-lake
    • Connection Type: the connection type of bucket e.g: with Region, default: Standard (use the default configuration that is selected by AWS when a bucket is created)
  • Requires Credentials: If checked, it allows passing credentials to access the object storage
  • Choose Credentials: Choose from existing credentials or create new credential for connecting to Delta Lake object storage if 'Requires Credentials' checkbox is selected. You can also choose to edit a credential with the EDIT button next to the existing credential.

Use TEST CONNECTION button and check that the test shows ALL PASS.
Lastly, click CREATE.

Figure 3Figure 3

Figure 3

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