Billing Usage Dashboard

As a user of, you have access to several Observe tools that streamline your data management and help you optimize costs.

Date Range

Each Observe tab allows you to view your data analysis with specific time frames. You can choose from pre-set date ranges such as one day, seven days, one month, three months, or create a custom range.

However, the Billing Usage and Jobs Usage tabs are aligned. This capability enables you to monitor and analyze your data usage accurately over different periods and compare it with Jobs Usage to see how your jobs performance impacts your billing.

Managing Data Options offers several views of your billing metric including:

  • Cluster Pull Requests (CPRs): This metric allows for more efficient management of data clusters.
  • Free Ingest Option: If available, this metric facilitates cost-effective data ingestion.
  • Virtual CPU Requests (vCPRs) for Virtual Machines (VMs): This metric helps you understand and optimize virtual CPU usage for VMs, ensuring efficient resource allocation.

Data Plane Identification

Billing Usage labels a Data Plane by its name followed by its type. This approach makes it easier for you to differentiate between various data planes. For example, if you recently switched billing metrics with Ascend, you can see both metrics simultaneously.

As you continue to explore and utilize the features of Observe, you will find these tools indispensable for managing and analyzing data. They are crafted to provide you with clarity, efficiency, and intuitive navigation through your data management tasks, helping you achieve your business goals with ease.