How to Create a Timed Trigger Read Connector

Step 1: Create a Scheduled Trigger Connection

  • From the Build Pane, select Read Connector.
  • Select + New Connection.
  • Select Scheduled Trigger from the Connection catalog. (Use the search bar to quickly locate the Scheduled Trigger Connection.)
  • Assign a name to the Scheduled Trigger. Ignore Advanced Settings and, since this is a local connection, do not initiate Test Connection.


Once you've created a Scheduled Trigger connection, you can reuse that connection for any subsequent Scheduled Trigger Read Connector within a Data Service.

Step 2: Create a Scheduled Trigger

  • Select USE for your newly created Scheduled Trigger Connection.
  • Select Skip and configure manually.

Step 3: Configure your Scheduled Trigger

  • Add a Name and optional Description to your Read Connector.
  • Select Last Triggered Timestamp for the RETURN VALUE field.
  • Select GENERATE SCHEMA to create a schema and a data preview.

Step 4: Launch your Scheduled Trigger

  • Select CREATE at the top of the configuration pane.