Facebook Ads Authentication


This connection, developed in partnership with CData, is currently in Private Preview. The below documentation may be incomplete and is subject to change.

For additional information, see CData JDBC documentation.

Facebook Ads OAuth Application setup for access via Ascend OAuth

Step 1: Access the Facebook developer portal.

Step 2: Create a new app.

  • Select on My Apps>Create App.
  • Select Other for use case and then select Next.
  • Choose Business as the App type and proceed.

Step 3: Enter the app details.

  • Enter an App name and App Contact Email.
  • Optionally, select a Business Account.

Step 4: Facebook Login for Business Setup.

  • Add Facebook Login for Business product.
  • In Client OAuth Settings, add the Callback URL https\://${ascendHost}/oauth/callback to 'Valid OAuth Redirect URIs.
  • Save changes.

Step 5: Enable the Marketing API.

  • In the app interface, locate and set up Marketing API.
  • Create a new Sandbox Account under Marketing API > Tools.

Step 6: Retrieve App Credentials.

  • In Settings>Basic, note down the App ID and App Secret.
  • Ensure no extra spaces are copied with the credentials.