Notification integration with PagerDuty

Ascend's Monitoring and Notifications system enables operators to create a webhook that publishes events to an endpoint.

One option integrates Ascend events as an PagerDuty incident.

  1. Create an integration on any PagerDuty service.
  2. Select Events API v2 as the Integration Type.
  3. Locate the integration key generated, this key will be used to authenticate the request.
  4. Create a new Ascend webhook from the Data Service settings.
  5. Set the Notification URL to the PagerDuty alert event endpoint:
  6. Add a Header with key Content-Type and value application/json.
  7. Select the events that you would like to trigger an alert in PagerDuty.
  8. Customize the event payload, mapping the Webhook Notification Event Variable to the fields required for an PagerDuty alert; include the integration key from step 3 as the routing_key.
  "payload": {
    "summary": "Component in error state in Ascend",
    "source": "ascend:{{event.environment}}",
    "severity": "error",
    "component": "{{}}",
    "group": "{{}}"
  "routing_key": "insert_integration_key_here",
  "event_action": "trigger"