Ascend 101

Welcome to Ascend! Let's dive into building intelligent data pipelines using this comprehensive guide that introduces you to the core concepts and features of the Ascend platform.

Deploy Ascend

Before diving into the platform, you need to deploy Ascend. Ascend provides you with the ability to deploy Ascend Data Engineering Clusters within their own private cloud accounts. Ascend services are fully hosted within a customer-owned account with the public cloud of your choice, managed remotely by Ascend, and isolated from all other Ascend customers.

To get started with your Ascend deploy, see the Deployment Model.

Learn Ascend

Developing data pipelines in the Ascend platform begins with the platform interface. Learn how Data Services and the Dataflow Workspace work with and within your network to automate and intelligently orchestrate your pipelines.

In a nutshell: this is where we introduce some of our key concepts and give you a look under the hood.

Building Data Pipelines

Once Ascend is deployed, you're ready to dive into the platform. We suggest working through each section in the order listed below.

Ascend Administration

Now that you're familiar with how to build Dataflows, let's take a look at the Admin panel and how
the admin panel allows fine-tuned control over your Data Services and Dataflows.