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What is a Data Service?

Data Services are the highest level object in Ascend. Data Services are collections of Data Flows with a shared security model.

What belongs to a Data Service?

Data Services include the following:

  • Dataflows: Dataflows are continuously running data pipelines. As you design Dataflows, you are creating a blueprint that is sent to the Ascend Dataflow Control Plane to be automated.
  • Members: Individuals users can be added to a Data Service as Members, and granted a variety of permissions to that Data Service.
  • Teams: Teams are collections of one or more Members. Permissions can also be assigned to Teams.
  • Service Accounts: Service accounts are similar to Members, but designed for external systems to securely access Ascend.
  • Data Feeds: Data Feeds are how you can connect multiple Dataflows, even across Data Services.


"Getting Started" Data Service

In your Ascend environment, you can find a "Getting Started" Data Service with a number of reference Dataflows for you to explore.

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Data Services

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