Write Connector

Create New Write Connector

Figure 1Figure 1

Figure 1

In Figure 1 above:


  • Name (required): The name to identify this connector with.
  • Description (optional): Description of what data this connector will write.

Connector Configuration

Figure 2Figure 2

Figure 2

You can either manually provide Table Name(required), which is the directory of the files you are writing or click on Browse and Select Data: this button allows to explore resource and locate the destination table. Select the destination table you want to write and press Select.

  • Write Strategy (required): The "Full Load" strategy will replace the entire tables contents each time that the upstream transform has changed. If the upstream data set contains multiple Ascend partitions and not all partitions are expected to change on each update, then the "Incremental By Partition" strategy allows for Ascend to only update / insert / delete the partitions of the Postgres table that have changed in Ascend.
  • Schema Name: The Postgres schema to use.

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