SQL Transforms

Creating SQL Transforms

Add a new transform

Navigate to a Dataflow that already has Read Connector(s) or Data Feed(s). Click + ADD and select Transform to bring up the CREATE NEW TRANSFORM panel.


Name the Transform

In the CREATE NEW TRANSFORM panel, enter a name for your Transform under NAME in the OVERVIEW session. It's advisable to provide a high level description of your Transform in the DESCRIPTION text box.

Specify the Query Type

Choose SQL in the QUERY session.


Construct the SQL query

Write your SQL query using QUERY BUILDER or RAW BUILDER (default). Both query builders support SQL syntax highlighting and comprehensive auto-completion to assist your SQL construction. QUERY BUILDER also provides built-in key functions of a SQL query in several input fields (e.g. FROM, JOIN, SELECT, WHERE, GROUP BY, HAVING, ORDER BY. RAW BUILDER.) This provides more flexibility for developing and formatting your code.

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When finished editing the SQL query, click the CREATE button at the bottom of the panel to save the query and begin processing it.

Update an existing transform

To update or edit an existing transform, select the target transform and then click the EDIT. Click CANCEL to undo changes. Click UPDATE to finalize any changes.