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Integration with Tableau is possible through Ascend's Tableau Web Data Connector. You can now build Tableau workbooks that are directly linked to data feeds from Ascend!

Create a Service Account and Generate Keys

Before you can connect to Tableau you will need to create a Service Account and generate the necessary keys with which to connect with. Service accounts allow Data Service Admins to create accounts with API keys that have an extended lifetime and can be used to integrate with 3rd party tools. Go to the Service Accounts documentation for more information on creating and managing them.

Connecting Tableau to Ascend

  1. Launch Tableau and select Web Data Connector from the left-side menu under Connect -> To a Server. The web data connector web-page will pop-up.
  1. To load data feeds into the Tableau Web Data Connector, paste the link that shown on the Service Accounts main page into the Web Data Connector URL dialog (shown below). Your Tableau URL (example below) will differ based on your individual environment.
  1. Hit enter and using the Access Keys you generated previously for this service account enter them into the Ascend Tableau Connector pop-up window as shown below.
  1. Click the PICK DATA FEEDS button and you'll be presented with all the data feeds you have access to within this data service.
  1. Select a Data Feed by clicking on it and then click the VISUALIZE IN TABLEAU button to begin using it in Tableau and performing any analysis on it.

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