The System Dashboard

Summary of all data services, components and their states within the Ascend environment

Upon logging into the Ascend environment you will be directed to the Ascend Dashboard automatically. You can access the Dashboard from any page of the platform by clicking on the Ascend logo in the top left corner.

Using the Ascend Dashboard, users can easily view a summary of all the Data Services they have access to. The summary includes the number of Read Connectors, Transforms, Write Connectors, and Data Feed Connectors.




Each user will only see the Data Services they currently have access to. Data Services the user does not have access to will not appear on their view of the Dashboard.

Show Components State

To see a chart of all components and their current states across all viewable Data Services click on the BY STATE filter on the Overview panel on the left. For example; this can help show a list of all components that are in the RUNNING, ERROR, OUT OF DATE or UP TO DATE state.




By getting a list of Running components in the system, users can see which component system resources are being allocated to at the moment. Users can also get a list of Pending components in the system. These are components that cannot be processed yet either because their upstream dependencies aren't ready, or the system doesn't have sufficient resources.

Show Components by Type

To see a graphic distribution of all component types across all viewable Data Services click on the BY TYPE filter on the Overview panel on the left.




Clicking on any particular bar in the graph will bring up a drop-down list (on right-side) of all components of that type. Clicking on any component in that drop-down list will redirected you to that component!