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Tutorial - Introduction to Ascend

What will you learn in this tutorial?

When you finish this tutorial, you will be able to create a new dataflow under the selected Data Service.

Tutorial Prerequisites

  • Permission to create a dataflow. Please contact the User Manager of the Data Service where you intend to create it if you don't already have permission.

Basic Overview

There are 6 steps involved:

This tutorial will walk you through these steps in a hands-on way that can be performed in any Ascend environment.

Step 1 - Select a Data Service

  • Click the DATA SERVICE dropdown at the top left corner of your browser and select a Data Service where you would like to create your new dataflow.

Step 2 - Create a new dataflow

  • Click the DATAFLOW dropdown next to the Data Service and then click on + Create a new dataflow.

This will bring up a panel where you give a name to this new dataflow (required). You can also enter more details to describe your dataflow (optional).

Click the Create button and a new dataflow is generated in Ascend!

Updated 11 months ago

What's Next

Now let's make your dataflow interesting by adding some components

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Tutorial - Introduction to Ascend

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